Parts For Old Daihatsu's


Hi there, i've just started working on restoring and improving my 1987 Fourtrak, it runs beautifully but was beggining to look a bit shabby.

One of the main problems is the drivers side front wing is pretty dented. Does anyone know any good places to get pattern parts for older Daihatsu's, since everythings bolt on it would be a fairly easy change over. Alternatively does anyone have a front drivers wing going spare they'd like to sell, i'm not worried about odd bits of rust (it can all be repaired with some alu mesh and plastic padding Smile ) as long as it isnt dented.

I was also wondering where lists might be available of which parts are interchangeable between the different years, for example i was looking at my friends much newer fourtrak which is about five years old and the mirrors, doors, much of the interior and so-on were exactly the same as those in my 87 model!

Afraid this turned into quite a long post considering it's my first, one, thanks for reading!



Try Milner 4x4, I replaced both wings last year, the ones from Milners were a good fit.

Pattern Parts

Thanks very much, will check them out, what year is your fourtrak out of interest?

Were these second hand wings or pattern parts do you know?


I dont think Milners sell sec

I dont think Milners sell second hand stuff so I would imagine they would be pattern parts....if you go to the top of this page you will see a link for 'parts dealers' it and you will see links to various suppliers of parts...try Graham Dewhurst for second hand stuff if thats what your after...or Milners for new stuff.

Thanks very much for all the

Thanks very much for all the replies, nah its pattern parts i'm after, the problem i keep coming up with is finding them for a 1987 model! All suggestions welcomed, i've emailed milner to ask if they stock them Smile