silly question time = again


ok, so the rear end of my fourtrak 2.8td
feels like its shaking its ass whe i hit 60mph,

the wheels have been balanced,
i am looking for a replacement prop shaft at the moment
suspect its outta balance or worn


i have been under the truck, and noticed all thats attached to the rear axle is 2 leaf springs, and 2 shocks

should there not be a anti-roll bar/ stabiliser of some description fitted ??????

front has one,

silly question time = again

You are right there is no anti roll bar on the back. Check your shocks and bushes for wear and also jack the back end up and check the rear wheel bearings for play by rocking wheel up and down. Dont think it could be much else.

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Hi, Is the back end vibra


Is the back end vibrating like it's an out of balance problem or does it feel like its moving around and wandering across the road?

If it's vibrating then it could be that one of your rears tyres has a damaged carcass that is throwing the tyre out of true when you get up to speed. Try swapping the tyres front to back to see if the vibration moves to the front (you'll feel it through the steering wheel).

If it's wandering around then check all the spring eye bushes for play, make sure the spring eye bolts and the 'U'-bolts (that hold the axle to the spring) are tight. Check the shock absorber top and bottom bushes for play and the shock bodies aren't leaking oil.

Hope this helps