Any fellow UK Charmant owners?


Hi i have just bought a 1983 Charmant 1.3 LE.
It needs a little body rust removing but otherwise the car is sound. Its done 40000 miles
Just wondering if fellow owners could get in touch as i would like to know a source of parts etc.
Any help you can give would be greatly appriciated

Extremely rare car now, I've

Extremely rare car now, I've been looking for one for yonks, there's a good amount of parts on eBay if you look round but I haven't seen a car for ages.

thanx for the info Piemaster,

thanx for the info Piemaster, i intend to get ther rust sorted out then hopefully sort the suspension out, its a little soft. Demon-tweeks do adjustable dampers just need to locate some lowering springs.
I know alot of the parts on the car are the same as the Toyota Corolla of the same age. And we all know how popular the AE86 GT is!

A mod that used to be popular

A mod that used to be popular was putting the AE86/MR2 MK1 engine in, meant to be a fairly easy swap and certainly worth thinking about.

There used to be a privateer in Japan's D1 drifting competitions who had one tuned up to about 160hp. In my opinion the best car ever, in Japan drift competitions it would be entered with no stickers or anything on it because he had no sponsors. It was a real budget racer too, bucket seat for driver, standard Charmant seat for passenger!

Cool sounds like a good mod t

Cool sounds like a good mod to me! Think the suspension would need sorting first and definatly the brakes! There is enough room under the bonnet for a large engine.
My car has very little rust and was owned by a mate of mine for 2 years and before that his grandad had it from new and hardly used it. To say its in good condition would be an understatement.
I want to improve suspension and brakes, after i sort the bodywork (rear arches mainly), but its not going to be easy to source the parts.

You might be best off asking

You might be best off asking Toyota, the Corolla it was based on is the KE70 - Toyota seem to have a reputation for being a little expensive but they're meant to be in good supply of old stock too.

Let me know if you ever fancy selling it!

I have it in for MOT on satur

I have it in for MOT on saturday, and going to get a quote to get the small amount of rust sorted soon after.
You will be the 1st to know if i think of selling it. You have got my brain working in the MK1 Mr2 engine idea though.