Pully guide for power steering belt


Hi i have a 1991 Sportrak 1600 ELFI, can anyone help i was coming home from work today and all of a sudden the steering went heavy. I stopped and had look under the hood and found power steering belt almost off and a pully about 3" dia resting on the engine, i took off the belt and pully and slowly drove 2 miles home. My questions are.

Can someone give me the correct name for this pully, it is on a bracket so i am guessing it is only a guide of some sorts.

Can i drive it in the meantime until its fixed

Could anyone recomend where i get a new one from or go to a scrapyard.

thanks for reading my problem.


I know someone whose pulley f

I know someone whose pulley failed in almost identical fashion last year. It's basically just a tensioner pulley for the PAS - nothing else is driven off it.

He got one off Graham Dewhurst (in the links section).

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


Thanks for the reply Dave i will give that a try.

thanks again.