Central Locking


Hello All,

My brother in law is the now proud owner of an F78 V reg TDX model. I have noticed it doesnt have central locking, he was told from the garage he bought it from that it doesnt have it? I find this hard to believe as my m reg has c/l which is the same model:?
I suspect that it does have it but something needs repairing/replacing. Any advise info is greatly appreciated.
Cheers for now, Nige.

Central Locking

Hi Nige. I have a 1999 T reg F78 TDX. On mine the drivers door lock will lock / unlock the passenger door, but not the other way round. The rear door is not on the key locking system. This works from a lock / unlock buton on the tunnel junk box between the front seats. I thought this was a bit odd at first, but it makes sense in that you don't want the back door unlocked whilst driving because anyone could open the door and have it away with your gear out of the back whilst you were still strapped in.

central locking

Hi moonrock, sorry i forgot to mention, his doesnt lock/unlock the passenger door from the drivers!?! Scratch one-s head like yours and mine so assume something is wrong?
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Come on brains!!!

Still haven't got to the bottom of this c/l business, so please give me some pointers someone!!

central locking

Hi. I have 91/92 TDX and my locking is, key in drivers door will unlock passenger door, but not other way round, rear door will only unlock via switch on center consol, unless unlocked with key.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

same but different!

i used to own a vw polo with the same configuration of c/l - if i recall correctly you could 'disable' the unlocking of the passenger door from the drivers side - think you did a series of key movements? is it possible that its the same with the fourtrak?

other places to try would be the appropriate fuses,relay,solenoids,wiring etc - get a copy of the manual Wink