My Charade G100 [Big project inside]


Hi all,

I'm new to these forums, but not to Daihatsu cars. I'm a 15 year old boy from Norway. In my garage, there's a small, red Daihatsu Charade G100. A 1991 model, bought in October 2005. The car was bought for £150, and was brought to the family garage, to stay there a week. That didn't happen. The altornator broke, and there was time for a big project!

The car

Model: Charade G100

Year: 1991

Engine: HC-E, 1.3, EFI

Colour: Red

Mileage: 125.800 km

The plans

X = Done
1 = High priority
2 = Medium priority
3 = Low priority
/ foran = semi-finished
B = Bought

Replace absorbers [2]
Change springs [2]
Paint interiorpanels [/3]
Sandblast inner part of body [X]
Weld in new metal in inner part of body [1]
Prime inner part of body [/1]
Paint inner part of body [1]
Sandblast under the car[1]
Weld in new metal under the car[1]
Prime under the car [1]
Paint under the car [1]
Rust-protection under the car (bodyspray) [3]
Replace alternator [/2]
Change air filter, new cold air intake [3]
Replace exhaust system [3]
Spoiler from Charade Turbo/GTti [K]
Front lip from Charade Turbo/GTti [3]
Sports seats from Charade Turbo [K]
New head lamps [3]
New rear lamps [3]
New steering wheel (Sparco) [3]
New handbrake cover (Sparco) [3]
New racing pedals [3]
Wheels, 16" ASA rims? [3]

I have probably forgotten something, and I need a lot of parts. I'm gonna go for semi-OEM look, semi my own-look. I've got a G102 1.3 litre, but using parts from the GTti/Turbo, and hopefully some custom/special parts, I hope it'll look good! Smile

First day in garage

Alternator decided to stop, which nearly resulted in a fire. It did, however, result in much more work to the car than originally planned.

Disconnecting battery, to replace alternator. Removed air filter to get more room.

The interior stripping started

Painted interior details silver, and large interior panels matte black.

Removed the asphalt plates, to find rust.

It's more than that, but that's by the canal.

Primed parts inside the body.

Test mounted the spoiler, it needs a brushing, either if it's being color-coded, or painted black.

Got visited by some in the other class yesterday, took off the brake calipers up front..

After over-screwing, this happends:

Leading to this (borrowing from neighbour):

Life seen through a pipes eye..

The radiator is out

Probably an old dent, just filled over, not primed or anything. The more I sand down, the more rust I find under the filling

More sanding

And now, it has to be cleaned again

Hope you like my project! Smile

Best regards,