Help please, rumbling noise!


hi, im new on this forum and wondered if anyone could suggest the cause of a rumbling noise on my W reg [2000] fourtrak.
even though im female:lol:, i have taken the time to notice that when i am accelerating up through the gears just above 2000 revs in 3rd gear a deep rumbling noise starts, which i can hear in the passenger side footwell area. i can accelerate through the noise then the engine sounds to be running smooth and pretty much ok. it also does it when its under load with the trailer on, but again i can drive through it.
any ideas much appreciated.


Might be a bearing gone depends where the rumbling is coming from. i had the same on mine i could only hear the noise when i was going a certain speed, it gradually got worse and i figured it was the rear bearing which is easy to do if you have the right tools

hope this helps



thanks for replying Ben.
my mechanical knowledge is, shall we say, somewhat limited! are you refering to wheel bearings?


Karen, it sounds like a class

Karen, it sounds like a classic case of UJ (universal joint) wear on the propshafts (which I had on the Sportrak) - and it went after I applied some grease to the joints.

There is a grease nipple on each UJ. The joint is the part at each extreme of the shaft - at the differential, and at the gearbox. You'll need a grease gun, but any half-way competant garage should do the job for a tenner, if that.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


thanks for that dave.
will get it looked at pronto.