How many Daihatsu's have you owned?

1, my first time, be careful!
60% (226 votes)
2, I had to come back for more
20% (74 votes)
3, you can't beat a japanese engine
10% (37 votes)
4, my neighbours think I own the company
6% (23 votes)
5 or more, i'm not sure if I've owned anyhing else!
5% (17 votes)
Total votes: 377


Err .... they're addictive.

.... and I'm sortof looking for a third one.

Please, is there a version of alcoholics annonymous that caters for people with 4trak addictions, that I can attend before I spend more money on another one?

Ah, I know, I'll drop out the gearbox again .... that should put me off for a while.

Well, I answered 4, but yeste

Well, I answered 4, but yesterday, bought my 5th one, another SWB, to do up for my eldest daughter. $200 with no motor, and stuffed transfer case, both of which I have spare under the house. Supposedly the rest of it is in pretty good nick.


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Only 1

I've only had 1 - 1991 Sportrak ELXI - and it's the only car I've EVER babied/tried to maintain (I'm not mechanical) so much!

Not to say I haven't had a few other cars...

1996 Nissan Primera 1.6
1996 Suzuki Vitara SWB
1991 Mazda 323 1.6
1989 Toyota MR2 1.6
1996 Honda Accord ES 2.0
1991 Mazda 323 F 1.8
1989 BMW 320i 2.0
1990 Scirocco GTii 1.8
1991 Vauxhall Calibra 8v 2.0
1989 Ford Escort Cabrolet XR3i
1989 Scirocco Scala 1.8
1996 Toyota Corolla 1.6
1991 Toyota Celica GT4 ST185
2000 Nissan Primera 1.8
1991 Subaru Impreza GL estate 1.8
1996 BMW 520
1991 Nissan 100NX
1996 Subaru Impreza GL estate 1.8
1992 Citreon AX 1.3
1991 Subaru Legacy GX estate 1.8
1997 Subaru Justy 1.3

I'm not showing off or anything guys...the interesting bit is that I've only had my license 9 I'm not obsessed with cars...I've just been finding the right fit and buying and selling cars to find it!

I think my total is up to 16

I think my total is up to 16 or so now... Of course only 8 of those have been road legal at any time whilst I've had them.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

How many times have I owned one ?

Never to old to play in the mud Smile

Well I am doing it the first time, have been looking for years. I have driven early models, and am in the process of getting my very own. A 1993 Model Rocky, low mileage and a good history. I spoke to the widow of the first owner from new, it was sold in 2000. The little old ladies husband passed away in that year after becoming ill. Am now following up the post owners, in order to build up a history of the unit.

Originally purchased in Mildura (Aus ), and between November 93 and Sept 2000 travelling North for the winter and taking in the Alice and Mt Isa.I have been in and driven the 'Larger' 4WD's. I am not impressed with the size of those monsters. They are ok out bush, but there is nowhere to park in the burbs. The Rocky has met my needs ideally, small enough to manouver around the shops for my very capable driver wife. And efficient enough from what I have seen on fuel at $1.43 per litre, on a good day.

After driving a Nissam Navara dual cab for the last 7 years, I decided to stick with the Deisol. Looking forward to many years of happy offroading, with my best mate ( Nissan Pathfinder Duel Fuel Pet\LPG ) and brother ( Musso ). Someone will have to get into the tight spots looking for the nuggets Smile I have just turned 52, so it's never too late to start Smile

Never to old to play in the mud :-)

Copen owners - where are you?

So how many fellow Copen owners are there out there? I see this week's Sunday Times again gave the Copen a hard time, but they always miss the point. It's the most fun drive ever (and I'm saying that as having been the proud owner of three classic minis)! And I can go weeks without seeing another one on the road - how cool is that!


I really like the look of the copen but what puts me off is the very small engine, "WHY HO WHY" did they not use the 1.3 Sirion 16v engine
which at least would have given the car some sports car performance as
all the road tests say "LACK OF PERFORMANCE"
On another note why arn't Daihatsu cars advertised on the TV,no wonder they dont sell many and joe public has very little knowledge of them.
Just to finish we have 4 Daihatsu's in our family and would not buy anything else,mine is a 1.3 Sirion F-Speed,The wife has a Charade 1.3 GLXi while her father owns 2 Daihatsu's
They are just so reliable (just keep going) and so very good value for

here i am!!

hi helen! i've had my vivid since last november, but have only just registered on this forum. I've been a member on since last year though. are you registered there too? i love my little copen to bits, it's the cutest thing i've ever seen, and fantastic to drive! the review in the sunday times was obviously written by someone who hadnt a clue what they were talking about.

my boyfriend used to have a racing green classic mini before we met -he's forever saying how he regrets getting rid, and is always looking in the paper to see if there are any going cheap! He's got a V5 new beetle now.


Front Hubs

my fourtrack uses oil in the front hubs, which needs checking / topping up. as this is pain to do, has anyone used grease or something similar ?.


four trak wocky

mmmmmm im on my 3rd! any one out there that can help with my roblem in the forem!!

Well i am on my 6 one now

Well i am on my 6 one now but hopefully there will be a 7 coming very soon daihatsu extol(if the guy accepts my offer),
i have owned 2 charade first one was perfect no problems what so ever till i had a big problem with the engine then came the secound,
but since another few cars i bought a daihatsu hijet and well just been working with them now, bought 1 which gave me alot of headache, finaly sold plus took in a daihatsu pickup instead which i kept for afew months fixed it up new mot and road tax and sold on ebay and just recently bought 2 daihatsu hijet both silver in colour a 1.0 and a 1.3,
sold the 1.0 yesterday still working on the 1.3 just waiting for the new bonnet,grill,tailgate,front bumper once the parts come hopefuly by this week if the bloody strike isnt still on, then just left to respray and list on ebay and then am buying a daihatsu cargo, plus also waiting to see if the seller on ebay accepts my offer on his daihatsu extol.....

how many daihatsus have we owned........

hello we have owned four daihatsus and been delighted with them all......... :d
1st was a 2004 YRV TURBO }:) cool car, looked so differnt, lots of extras went like stink, crap brakes though and original tyres too skinny
2nd was a 2005 CHARADE SL Shok we were truely amazed at this little little tyke, 100mph (would sit at 90 quite happily) on a motorway, very versatile interior (fitted half of ikea in it) air con, power steering, abs, lovely growling revvy sounding engine, and entertaining handling,
3rd a 1998 COURE S+ Blum 3 my little runaround after selling the yrv, small, revvy, practical 50+ to the gallon
4th a New SIRION SE 1.0, Biggrin cracking car for the money, immense interior space (fits even more of ikea in it!) 50+ mpg, air con, funky dash, just needs a rev counter..... 15,000 miles only time it seen a garage was when it was serviced!
but thats my idea of a proper car, reliable with little or no problems......

Now- 05 chrade 1.0 SL (my folks's)
Then- 04 yrv turbo / 98 coure + / 06 sirion 1.0 SE / 58 sirion 'se' sport the list grows . . . . .