Help - Fourtrak 2.8 TDI Brake Failure with 3 x warning lights on together? Why??


I have a fourtrak 2.8TD and had just filled up with diesel. Started up and brake, battery and water in fuel warning lights came on..... I kept driving (had to make it to heliport to catch flight to oil rig!!). After a couple of minutes I also noticed engine temp maxed out.... then my bloody brake pedal went solid! Believe it or not, I'm an ex mechanic (HM Forces in past life) but was short on time when got to heliport. Popped bonnet and quickly checked brake fluid - okay. With a bit of time to consider symptoms I'm guessing I have snapped a belt, but am confused with the fuel in water warning sign coming on too? Any help appreciated. Cheers, Fraz

My guess would be your main f

My guess would be your main fan belt.

Brake pedal hard because you have no vacuum from alternator driven vacuum pump. No water pump being driven means high temp. All the idiot lights on usually means stuffed brushes in the alternator, but they normally come on at startup, and extinguish when engine turns over and is running, but with no fanbelt, alternator isnt turning, so no charge ect.


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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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Thanks for that - like I say, as ex mech should be able to solve this on my own, but out of practice and time. This will allow me to at least order belt for replacement etc. by time I get back to dry land.




David, just to let you know it was the main fainbelt - bit of a struggle getting it on. Had to release tension on Alterator and then squeeze belt in from rear and flick starter to get it on!!! Still, easier than a cheiftan tank! Thanks again.......