daihatsu mira pipework problem


I have a daihatsu mira avanzato trxx R4. I am after any information on the engine pipework as the car had been taken off the road & had all the pipes removed. I've just spent over £300 at Tuning Japanese for some modification work & they have fitted back the pipework but are unsure if this is to the correct factory specification. If anyone can help me with obtaining any information on routing the pipework I would be extremely greatful as I have had the car since last July & still can't drive the car to its full potential.:help:


Is it the vacuum system you are refering too,or is it the cooling system Cheers mick49.

Mick H

hi,thanx for replying,i need

hi,thanx for replying,i need information on the vacuum and cooling system pipework, if you have either i would be most grateful. cheers ruth x