has anyone removed their sway bar on a sporty?


hello, can anyone tell me how much difference removing the front sway bar makes on a sportrak off-road, and what are they like to drive on-road with the sway bar removed, be nice to hear from people who have removed it, thanks all in advance Wink

I HAVE!!!!

if you like you offroading DO IT i took mine off and just wished i had done it earlyer! its smoother offroad and on, gives you better articulation.
just be carful on the road as it does affect your handeling a little, but you soon get used to it, and you can whale it round like the best of 'em.


hi, Sambo you inspire me lol,:-) I've read a lot about it but just wanted to hear from someone thats actually done it. I,m going to take mine off and see what happens, i'll try it on and offroad and let you know how i get on lol Wink

I removed my swaybar and....

hi folks, I took my swaybar off and what a difference! It feels so much better without it, i've done about 400 road miles and if anything it actually corners better now and its a better ride. I did nearly 100 miles offroad at the weekend and it seems to try and keep the front wheels on the ground a bit more instead of waving them about in the air like it did lol. Why on earth did Daihatsu fit a swaybar in the 1st place?

Sway bar, (Anti-roll bar or Stabiliser bar)

Hi Crazy,

Daihatsu fit the sway bar because in an emergency situatuion where you're braking heavily and turning sharply these things do have a tendency to roll over (like the Suzuki SJ's did when they first appeared). The Sway bar reduces the chances of this happening. As you have found out they are better without them but your insurance might be invalid if you have a serious accident (because they like an excuse to get out of paying out).


hi folks... cheers for that Daz, now I know why its theres lol. I know about the insurance bit i'm about to try an find some-one who will insure it as modified, cause I done a 1-3\4" suspension lift today Smile . If anyone knows of a good insurance that accepts modifications it would be nice to hear from ya Wink

cheers CG