engine management fault on Hijet


Hello. i have a "P" reg. Hijet mpv.
i have recently been told by a Daihatsu garage that the car needs a new water temperature sensor switch. The engine management warning light on the dashboard comes on intermittently, and , along with this, the car cuts out, has to be maintained by really revving the engine, pulls as if no fuel is getting through on gear changes, and gnerally cannot be restarted for a good 30 mins after driving, no mater what the distance. A good friend who used to own a fiat seicento, has said she experienced all the same problems on her car, and after a long time of various diagnostics, discovered that it was the crank sensor. has anyone else experienced the same problems with their hiject? should i be looking to replace the crank sensor?

sensor ?

the garage is right for a change you have the same engine as a sportrak. look in forum or search you will come across the same problem hope this helps cheers steve.


yep exactly same symptoms! garage diagnosed the sensor aswell, havent done work yet though!