Kenlow kit 4 sporty?


Is it possible to fit a kenlowe electric fan kit to my 1990 Sportrak? Did anybody try it? Do you know the cost?

Thank you in advance


kenlowe fan

Hi m8 try WWW.KENLOWE.CO.UK I have got a Fourtrak ind which I have fitted a 16" fan on and it works fine up to now (touch wood) it cost around £140 for the kit but on your sporty abit less as it would be a smaller fan I would have thought. you should be able to fit one to your sporty as long as you have got more than 3" depth between engine and radiator as the fans are 3" deep, hope this helps

Kenlowe Fan

Hello Big John,

just curious how the kenlowe is performing. i have just taken to caravanning and after this weekend think i need to improve my 4trak inde. going up a long hill towing a fairly big van she nearly hit the overheating band on the gauge. ok she came back down to normal temp soon after but dont want to do any damage.

having looked at the kenlowe web site it seems i cant go wrong fitting one as there are numerous advantages. i'd be interested to hear your experiences.

cheers for now,