Nathaniel Hale's '95 Sportrak EXi



Your tyres aren't that small? Are they?

Ps. How long did it take you to get the hard top off, I don't know if I have the will to attempt it. My sportrak is such an old banger compared to everyone elses Cray 2 It will make it look like someones attacked it with a tin opener!

Tyres and hard top

The tyres are standard size, 195 R15, so no, they arent that small... but they not that big!

This photo was taken the day i bought the car, and because it was such a nice day the first thing i did was take the roof off!! It takes about 20mins to take off, and about the same to put back (although maybe a bit longer if you havent done it before).

First thing to do is remove the rear window glass on the tailgate. (easy to do, just undo the 4 big black nuts and disconnect the heated window wires (pull off) and lift glass clear)

Then remove the hard top. Basically, there are 4 bolts holding it along the roof (above the front seats) and 3 each side under the windows. use a spanner and/or screwdriver, depending which is easiest to get at the bolts behind the roll bar. Then there are two final screws to remove (i forgot about these and took ages working out why it wouldnt come off!!). There go through the hard top above the seal at the top of the rear door opening, into the roll bar. On mine these were rusty and needed a big screwdriver, lots of WD40 and muscle!!!

Then carefully life the top off (not heavy but need 2 people due to the size). The rubber seals tend to stick together, so if poss as 2 people life, someone else should persuade the seals to come un-stuck!! (on mine i think the seal stays on the car, rather than the roof).

Putting it back is obviously the opposite, but once its in place may need jiggling to line all the holes up.

Sounds like a hastle, but well worth it once its off, and its much easier the second time round!!!

All we need now is some sun....!!!