How to wire for tow bar for sportak.


Hi! every one.
trying to wire in tow bar how do I connect a socket for my sporty
were can I get hold of a diagram or is there a wire kit.
K reg sportak elxi.

Hi I went into the loom it


I went into the loom itself, at the connector on the floor next to the passenger seat. You can take all readings at the connector itself.

There is a grommet nearby which you can pass the cable thru to the rear, and i simply cable tied it to the chassis members. If you want, I can have a look at the wires and tell you which connects where.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

How to wire for tow bar for sportrak.

Hi! Dave thanks for the info is that on the inside or outside of the sporty I`ve never had Daihatsu before so a bit green but I think there great! Thanks!