Here's were the wires go..... This is how I wired my '95 model. Others may well be the same, but you try at own risk obviously.

Lift the carpet where it joins together next to the passenger seat, door side. You'll see a connector. Splice into these as follows.

Use Scotchloks/screw terminals if poss.

BLUE - Green/black tracer
WHITE - White/black tracer
RED - Yellow
BROWN - White/green tracer/silver dots
BLACK - white/green tracer

I have a buzzer wired in for the turn signal as well, and this is...

Into buzzer...

ORANGE - Yellow/silver
GREY - Green/white tracer/sliver dots

Out of buzzer...

GREEN - Green
YELLOW - Yellow

Nearby is a grommet which I simply enlarged to take the cable underneath thru to the rear. DON'T do like I did initially and forget to pass the cable thru the hole - result? The door didnt shut!

towbar wiring

tried it on my 95 sporty and it didnt work got any clues to what went wrong