Timing Correction Mark


I have a 92 model daihatsu charade TS that seems to need tuning every few weeks. Possibly it needs a new timing belt, but in the mean time can anyone tell me where to find the mark on the engine or timer casing to set the timing on. Mechanic couldnt find it. I couldnt find it and I am now assuming previous mechanics have taken a guess when doing the timing.

Timing marks.

if its the CB23 engine, i think the top mark is at exactly quarter past and the bottom at approx 23 mins past. The marks are usualy a dot on the Top pulley/Bottom sprocket and the fixed are a slight triangular pointer as part of the case moulding.
Most Garages have an Autodata book, be cheeky and call in at another Garage and ask to peep in theirs?? If not you can go online at www.autodata-online.com/uk/timingbelt.asp
It costs £4.95 but sometimes worth it!!

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engine timing

i have the timing on the engine set correct but i cant seem to find the setting for the ditributor can someone please help me cause it is really frustrating i miss driving my car

Usually when setting distribu

Usually when setting distributor timing you either use a strobe light or 12v lamp.
Assuming the engine will start/ runs rough etc. Strobe goes into number 1 spark plug. Start the engine. Run at tickover and no faster or the engine advancement will operate. Direct the strobe light at the engine timing marks. If marks do not align, loosen the distributor and turn distributor until the engine marks are alligned. Tighten the distributor.
Assuming you have lost the distributor alignment and assuming you have contact points in the distributor ..... 12v lamp fits between the distributors LT circuit and any earth point. Set the distributor to compression stroke on number 1 cylinder - this means removing number 1 spark plug,turn engine by hand/or push in gear whilst holding your finger over the plug's hole and feel for compression in the cylinder.[if you set the timing on exhaust stroke the car will not start] You will know when maximum compression is reached by judging the gas compression under your finger. Next align the engine timing mark on the fly wheel.Then slowly turn the distributor until the lamp illuminates. Then tighten the distributor.