foutrack 2.8td g reg stood for over a year need advice on what to check before re starting


can any one give me advice on what is the best procedure before restarting and driving away to mot station so i can decide if it worth keeping and doing up for summer time fun and sum serious 4x4ing.cheers garen uk

Deffinatly change the oil, fi

Deffinatly change the oil, filter & fuel, as these will probably have degraded and may well damage what is possibly a good car.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

injector cleaner

Being new to diesels does injector cleaner really work and is it worth using?

Gary Edwards


the simple answer is yes .mine failed on emissions last mot after putting a whole bottle of the best injector cleaner in it she flew through.


Might be a bit of rust in the cylinders

There is always one inlet and one exhaust valve open no matter where the engine stops.

After a year it's always possible that a little dampness has got inside the cylinders and caused a little surface rust.

What I've done before with an engine that hasn't been started for some time is to take out the heater plugs and wind the engine over on the starter. Huge clouds of diesel mist from the injectors shoot out but the important point is that the diesel oil is being squirted into the cylinders and is lubicating them and reducing any damage that a film of rust might cause.

Yes about changing the oil, but unless the diesel is from a really naff source, these engines are sufficiently low-tech that they will run on good quality diesel even if it's been stood for a long time, so I'd start up on what you have in the tank.

BTW, do the winding over as above after you've changed the oil. That way the new oil will be circulated to the bearings by the starter motor when the big end bearings aren't under the compression load.

When you get her going you will find that the front discs have gone rusty which will give some interesting braking performance for a while. If you can do a few miles 'to and from a pre-arranged mot' before the mot man gets to test the brakes that might be a good idea.

Also put in a whole bottle of injector cleaner into the tank before you go to clean out the crap which might make the vehicle fail the emissions test.

stood for a year

thanks fo r all the advice i changed the oil and stuck a bit of new fuel in her turned the engine as advised put it back together and turned after about 10 good turns she fired up like a thing of beuty and off we went im still impresed by the power she has and cant wait to do the work she needs which i suspect will be a lot never mind sunnydays ahead plenty of time to do it and the parts r so cheap now get ready for the to the brakes they wernt good to start with but still pulled her up with pretty squirmy results but stopped never the less. again many thank for all the advice .garen mot tomorow 9 am uk time i will keep u posted as to the outcome.


mot passed

garen1uk i cant believe it for the sake of a couple of wipers and a new seatbelt £35 its mot'd and gonna be back on the road anyday now looks like i might need a new rad though but it has been sat for over a year.thanks for the advice fello's and i will be back for more advice as i delve into the engine to make this machine go smooth and sweet again.cheers,garen