rear seatbelts in a l reg fourtrax


I have recentley bought a L reg fourtrax and wish to fit rear seatbelts to it. Could anyboby please tell me if it is possible and where the anchor points are.

Its only posssible to fit ful

Its only posssible to fit full seat belts if you have the 'roll bar' which provides the upper anchor points that would be required.

However you should at least have lap belts in the back...there is a product thats called the lap adapter which converts the lap belts into a harness rather than a seat belt...great for kids and adults alike..fully adjustable...Halfords used to stock them but have ceased to do so need to order direct from the manufacturer...costs about £30.....heres the link

re Rear seatbelts

Cheers Mike for the info I have got a rear roll bar I've just fitted and cannot see how thw rear belts fit at the bottom

The original lap belt anchor

The original lap belt anchor points should be the female side of seat belts (shorter adjustable belt) to the lap belt anchor points. The male side of seat belt will be anchored fairly high up (slightly above shoulder height)on the roll bar.