F78 2.8 TDI Starting Problems - Please HELP!!!


Hi everyone my first post so g'day from Aus!!
My first deisle daihatsu and wanted one since i first swamped my little f10 about 15 yrs ago in a water crossing.
Anyway, back to the problem.
Recent problem with the starting of motor in the recent cold weather.
Turn key and glow pug light is on for about 4 sec. turn key and doesnt want to start. This is MOST unusual as it has always been an extreeeeeemly reliable starter. Turn key back to glow plug possi and wait then turn all the way to start and get a bit of a missfire. Try again and a very rough start with lots of missfiring and loads of smoke. about 5 seconds later she's running smooth as usual.
Glow plugs thinks me.
I changed them - same problem.
Glow plug solenoid. Doesnt seem to be staying on for long - went to replace it but daihatsu / toyota australia asking $260 Plus tax - better make sure thats the problem says i.
Next morning grab a fat cable and make my own connection from battery to glow plug rail. 10 secs. Same problem. I'm stumped.
Just found out this morning radiator is stuffed so i'm up for a re-core. $460 bucks plus tax.
Radiator guy looks at the radiator and asks. "water pump problems?'" - no mate.
"Blown head gasket?" - no mate.
"You sure?" - no mate, how come?
there is a curve in the bottom and top tanks of the radiator - its been under a lot of pressure.

Someone please tell me he's wrong.!!!

btw it would be nice to get an electronic version of the electrics for this beast. figuring out the glow plug timing with the solenoid and shunt on the rail is a serious headache.



Have you drained the water from the fuel canister filter?
Radiator ...... I would expect the rad cap to blow at its pressure rather than buckle the rad.

No actully i didnt drain the

No actully i didnt drain the water. I picked up a new filter before this episode began but didnt put it in as i started to convince myself the problem lies elsewhere.
I got my radiator back yesterday afternoon, the recore cost me $450 looks good and straight but i'm a little scared. dont want the same thing happening to this one if i have a blown headgasket i think i'll drive it over to the mechanic with the cap on half way when its all in place. Didnt put the radiator back in last night as i cracked open a keg in stead and played computer buggers.
Thinking about draining the oil and checking for milkshake.
Having trouble motivating myself this morning after the keg last night so chewing on a bacon, egg, cheese and onion roll with a large flat white coffee chaser.

1st Daihatsu was an F10
2nd Daihatsu was an F85
now Daihatsu is an F78

1st Daihatsu was an F10
2nd Daihatsu was an F80
now Daihatsu is an F78

I am having same problem

I am very interested to hear what solves you problem as am having the exact same symptoms here - Cape Town - and also been given large quotes on glow plugs, etc.

Well the glow plugs are no re

Well the glow plugs are no real biggie, it only takes 1 beer long to do.
The plugs themselves are about $14 each so for 60 bucks (includes the beer) you have a new set of plugs and a beer under your belt.
PS dont get a mate to help you, then it will cost you a 6 pack and your still doing the job.

If your getting ripped off in cape town for glow plugs i can send them to you from sydney.

Ok I got the radiator in and i had a hell of a time starting it - there were plumes of smoke coming out whilst it was still cranking.
Dont know whats going on.
Took it to a mechanic who a freind of mine reccomened for not being a rip of jerk. He did a co2 test that cost me $35 that checks for a blown head gasket - came up negative. hmmm
I was almost hoping it was so that i would know what the problem is and put an end to this mystery. I recon Ken Bowen motors aka daicare would know just from describing it but i swore i would never return to that bunch of shonky . So i left it with him to try and figure out what it is whilst he quotes me on a timing belt change - it needs to be done and i dont want to do it so i'll feel the water before giving the go ahead.
Keep you updated!

1st Daihatsu was an F10
2nd Daihatsu was an F85
now Daihatsu is an F78

1st Daihatsu was an F10
2nd Daihatsu was an F80
now Daihatsu is an F78


Have managed to source approved glowplugs for R61.45 (approx $10) so will be changing those now. Originally Daihatsu SA were ripping us R341 ($50) per glowplug!! Doing extra preheating in the morning helps with the cold start so hopefully this will solve problem??

I have also gotten a copy of the F78 workshop manual which I will be scanning and will make available soon if anyone interested....

Yes I'm interested. Please le

Yes I'm interested. Please let me know when you have it done.

1st Daihatsu was an F10
2nd Daihatsu was an F85
now Daihatsu is an F78

1st Daihatsu was an F10
2nd Daihatsu was an F80
now Daihatsu is an F78

Hi Ross..

Hi Ross, i am really pleased to hear you have an F78 workshop manual you will be making available. I have been after a copy of one of these for ages but really scarce hear in the uk unless you dont mind paying stupid money! So i would really appreciate a scanned copy when available.
ps i have visited cape on business several times on business and love the place, stayed in the blue peter hotel at bloubergstrand or something like that anyway, nice hotel almost on the beach where all the surfer dudes meet at the weekend. i bet you know it!
be nice to hear from you anyway.
cheers for now,

F78 Manual

The manual is very similar to the F77. The sections that differ are 1.General Info 2.Maintenance 3.Front Axle & Suspension 4.Rear Axle & Suspension 5.Brake System 6.Steering and 7.Harness & Wiring Diagram. The other 14 sections (21 in total) in the F77 manual are 100% identical. It will likely take me a little while to scan the 7 sections - into pdf format which differs from the F77 cd but will be much better quality. I have added the front cover index page to my image list for info.


Hi Steve,

If the glowplug offer is still going I want to take you up on that - Ross Morrison, 9 Roseberry Road, Mowbray, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa - I need a set please! I'll have to find some way of reimbursing you but do promise to get the manual done sometime soonish!


By the way

Oh and by the way, i've found a manual for the f300 (hd engine) in pdf format. iT has 440 pagese of jaw breaking material.
If anyone is interested i'll post it to the web for d/l otherwise i wont waste my time uploading it. This is my bearing gifts bit for my entry to this forum Smile

OOps i just realised this post should be in aonther section of forum so if a mod wants to move it there please go ahead.


1st Daihatsu was an F10
2nd Daihatsu was an F85
now Daihatsu is an F78

1st Daihatsu was an F10
2nd Daihatsu was an F80
now Daihatsu is an F78

Fixed my starting problem

Hi Steve, sorry to hear about your problem but I have just fixed what sounds like the same problem on my F78. It was getting harder to start and I changed the glow plugs with no change. I looked at the voltages and timings on the Glow plug controller as per the manual and it looked ok. Then I discovered a fuel leak when I had a full tank and found that the fuel pipe was rotting away. Changed this and the starting problem went away. Looks like air was getting into the fuel system which caused the starting problem but didn't affect the running.