Rocky Wheel Nut sizes


Hiya ALL, a silly question this, but we have an old (H reg) Rocky, we have a Bottle Jack under the passenger seat and what looks like the Jack Handle under the bonnet alongside the bonnet stay, thats all we can find for getting the wheels OFF.

Could i ask what size socket do i need to get the Wheel Nuts off PLEASE ?, i guess it is probably 20mm, but before i spend my money i would like to Confirm this. TA.

I guess i also need a bloody great long tommy bar and socket extension as well, anybody got any suggestions for that, ta.


its a 21mm socket you need

its a 21mm socket you need

go to haldords and get a deep impact socket and one of their long power bars
will cost you under 25 quid and are guaranteed for life like snap-on tools!