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I am seriously considering replacing my viscous fan for a 16" blower fan from Kenlowe for my '94 Fourtrak F78 after taking to caravanning. So I was wondering if anyone has fitted one to theirs and how you found fitting it. Kenlowe have said it is a simple DIY job but I would value any of your experiences before I go ahead and order.

Look forward to hearing from you Wink


Electric fan

I also have doubts about my viscous fan, and have thought about a electric fan (91,2.8 Turbo/intercooled TDX). On a recent run down to the West Country (UK) after leaving the M5 running on to the A38 there is a nice fast (Dual Carrigeway) sweeping climb this time she needed the heater on max blow to help bring the water temp down, same on the climb up Porlock Hill down on Exmoor, no trailer/caravan. Just two up, plus my partners wheelchair. No boiling, no water loss, just temp gauge heading for the red zone in a rush. As an aside, my Fourtrak is the best truck we have found for access , for lifting my tetra/quad partner into. I too, would value any comments about experiences of fitting an electric fan

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

No fan, no matter how it's dr

No fan, no matter how it's driven, will make any difference if the rad and cooling system is below par. So, before you splash out any cash in Kenlowes direction make sure the system is fully flushed and the rad is also flushed and in good order. A replacement rad will probably be a shedload cheaper than an alternative electric fan, and I'd certainly be looking at that rather than something that will probably blow a fuse in the back of beyond on holiday somewhere.
Somewhere on here is a piece about locking the viscous fan to drive permantly should you want to.

I pull a 800 kg 4 berth Fleetwood Cavalier with a 1.6L Sportrak, and always flush the cooling system once a year, and gently hose thru the vanes of the rad (which was replaced as amatter of course 3 yrs ago) to remove the dead flies and other muck. I've never seen the needle rise above half under any circumstances, including Porlock Hill, So do the basics first is my humble tip.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Kenlowe Fan again...........

Thanks for the reply Dave ;). I have changed my coolant, flushed out and replaced when had a new cam belt fitted some 3-4000 miles ago, must admit i didnt do anything with the rad but during normal running the temp gauge doesnt budge from the 12 o clock position but having read about the Kenlowe fan on their website there does appear to be distinct advantages, i.e fuel economy or extra power (not sure about this but a figure of 8.5% increase is quoted) also with the viscous fan during cold weather it pushes cold air onto the engine so takes longer to warm up etc. I have been quoted as follows from Kenlowe:

The equipment required is:-

16/B 16” blower fan (fits between radiator and front grille) 12V 20.8A

PRICE £116.80 + £20.44 VAT = £137.24

KLM2216 30 amp Inline fuse & Holder

PRICE £1.50 + VAT £0.26 = £1.76

TOTAL = £139.00

Price includes fittings, wiring, and automatic adjustable thermal control unit with sensor and comprehensive instructions for easy DIY installation

This will be suitable for solo road + off road use, towing up to 1.5 t any distance and local towing of heavier trailers (up to 100 miles). For long distance heavy towing, particularly in hot climates, viscous fan blade can be temporarily refitted. Use of quieter electric fan kit to replace the viscous fan will release power, save fuel.

So I am still keen to hear if anyone has fitted one themselves.

Cheers for now,

ps ews, i am with you i love my fourtrak. until april this year i had a renault laguna as a company car for 4 years. what a pile of crap! it was 4 years old and it was on its 4th turbo as well as suffering other problems when i got rid! i've had my fourtrak for almost a year now and at 12 years old and not skipped a beat i cannot complain! and i absolutely love driving it too. every time i see a laguna go past me now i just smile to myself and wonder how long before that turbo goes. this i found was a very common problem, i found countless pages on the Parkers forum!!! i also really do enjoy the slower pace of driving the fourtrak even on motorways i usually am sitting around 60-65 mph and regularly think to myself how glad i am not to be in the rat race with all the other cars which all look the same whizzing past me at crazy speeds and carrying out completely stupid manoeuvres.

Shok blimey i have really gone on now, signing off til next time.phew!


With ref to what you have posted. I have today flushed out the rad,including a reverse flush,and hosed through the rad vanes. did the same with the block, and replaced the thermostat. I did note that after a good run to check for water leaks,that the fan blades were harder to turn than when she was cold, temp gauge seemed steady at 11'clock. We will see what the reading is when we visit Porlock Hill in a couple of weeks.

Many Thanks. ews

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


Follow on to my previous post. We did two runs up Porlock Hill,on different days, not the 'Toll Road', the real hill. Run one with two up,a what I would call a normal drive up, no problems,temp stayed at 5 to 12, normal operating temp, increasing to 12 as we ran out at the top.
Run two, I abused my little 'Chunky', max revs,1st and 2nd gear,wheel spin on the hairpins, and we topped out at the junction of the toll road at 5 past 12. No problems, much better than last year, when we needed the heater fan to help bring down the water temp, and air temp was cooler then. (12 = water temp needle vertical)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX