fluid coming from from balljoints on my fourtrack


this vechicle has only just come back on to the road after 2 years and has stoon outside .might it be the grease in the ball joint is old and is getting hot and leaking or is it that the oil seals on my front dif r buggered , i have tried to check the diff oil but the bolt is in bloody tight .any advice? cheers garen uk 2.8 turbo dieselex

Ball joint ? I think you m

Ball joint Unknw

I think you might be refering to the steering knuckle...where is the oil / grease coming from Unknw is it the large joint in behind the front wheels...if so the large steering knuckle seals may have gone...they are available from Milners offroad...link to website above,

To get the diff filler nut off...apply some heat..make sure you have a realy tight fitting socket or spanner on it and belt it with a large hammer...

To change the knuckle seals properly means stripping down the front hub assembly and brakes to get to seals....though I have heard of them done by cutting the seal to get it on without stripping down hub and then using sealer to repair cut in the seal.

oil from ball jionts

garen1uk hi and thanks for the advice,yes it is coming from the knuckles on both sides i will get underneath and give them a clean up and see if ican see the seals atall when i get the difff bolt out i will have a better idea what the problem is i hope its the knuckle seals as i guess they r easer to repair than the oil seals in the diff. as it coming from both sides i am inclined to think it is the knuckle seals. how do u top up the grease in the knuckles? i think i need a manual although iv owned my f75 for a couple of years it hasent had a lot of use but i intend to make this truck as good as i can shame about the body work but engine is fine only 65000 miles and chassis is solid rings like a bell when checked for corrosion.many thanks for the help.garen