Time for a 100K service, what upgrades should i do?


Since my YRV is approaching the 100K mark i thought it best to put it to this community what are the popular recommendations for the following.

1. Spark Plugs (im thinking standard Denso or NGK) but how about Splitfire or HAloplugs?
2. Air filter (standard replacement or aftermarket panel filter like K&N etc)
3. Oil (what is recommended Castrol? we use 20W-50 here)
4. Oil filter ( will any do?)
5. Auto transmission fluid
6. Brake Fluid

Thanks in advance!

NOt found the Splitfire plugs

NOt found the Splitfire plugsd and good on my GTtis and would stick with Denso but see if an Iridium plug is availbale as they last longer and stay in good nick.

K&N in the std airbox may make a small difference.

Have you had a full brake system drain yet. I'd strongly advise that where the whole fluid is drained and totally fresh stuff put in and bled through.

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

If the Denso cost the same as

If the Denso cost the same as the NGK's which is better? (i dont think the iridiums will go in this time unfirtunately)

Sounds like the K&N isnt worth the money. I was hoping that the easier breathing would help engine response and possibly torque and fuel economy!

Brake fluid hasnt been changed since the 40K major service. I did 50,000 kms in 2 years then the current 50,000 kms over 3 years.

Car is in perfect condition, so im hoping that this service will give it a bit more zest and fuel economy. It uses the K3-VE, Petrol, water-cooled, 4 cylinder, 4-cycle, 16-valves, DOHC, DVVT engine.

I just got 530 km out of a full tank. (it was filled till it couldnt take any more and it was dry at 530km) Its supposed to be a 40L tank give or take a couple, so im curious if this is good freeway economy for a 5year old 100,000 km old engine.

I worked out i used just over 6L on a 76km trip which equates to about 8L/100km. mostly free way @ 110km/h but the manufacturer specs indicate about 6L/100km highway and 7.2L/100km city in ideal conditions.

see this link

new fluids all round never

new fluids all round never do any harm.

the major mechanical pieces and electric componenets should see it up to its 200k service.


1. Standard plugs are already top spec, iridiums would just last a little longer but not worth the price difference.
2. A K+N is always better than a standard.
3. 20w/50's oil is a bit thick? What country are you in?? If its been in from the start, stick with it, but flush the system.
4. Any oil filter made in Japan, they always OEM spec.
5. Definately a gearbox and brake fluid change.
6. Descale and flush the whole water system and use a cooling system conditioner like what Forte make to prevent any corrosion advance.
7. Change the alternator/water pump belt.
8. Lastly, add some upper cylinder lube/cleaner to the fuel.

Dont forget to save up to pay for the next service!!!!

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