nissan terrano offroad


Hi guys, My wife has a LWB nissan terrano and I have to say I am impressed by the amount of power and the superlow ratio gearbox and was wondering whether anyone has any experience of a SWB version and whether they are any good offroad cos they look awfully low at the front end. I currntly take my sporty offroad and I am pleased with it but feel that sometimes it just lacks that bit of power so I am considering changing it for something with more grunt.

Any advice on this subject would be great!!!


Keep the sunny side up and the muddy side down !!!

HiMy boss had one for a w


My boss had one for a while - and it was exactly the reason of low ground clearance making it next-to-useless off-road that made him put it back in Auto Trader. He liked the 2.7 engine but the weight of that lump didn't exactly help matters either. Apparently, they have also been known to do a clutch in in 40k miles if used regularly off the road and/or doing any heavy towing.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

bag o shite then

thanks for the help . I have never seen one offroad so wasnt sure how good or bad they were but that engine has so much power .

maybe I could swap engines from my sporty for the 2.7 terrano ( I wonder if my wife would notice ?!?! LOL!!

Keep the sunny side up and the muddy side down!!!

Keep the sunny side up and the muddy side down!!!

Yeah Terranos/Mavericks are p

Yeah Terranos/Mavericks are pretty awfull off road imho.
We had a day out in the peaks last year with my Sporty, a Defender, a Grand Cherokee, a Maverick and a Zuki SJ.

The maverick lost it's placcy bash plate, rear number plate and tow hitch stuffed and died fording a not too deep river. All down to limitations of it's design.
PS my Sporty beat the crap out of it hands down - never missed a beat or got stuck, YAY!