Rocky - what should i use to remove hub cover


Hi all, We are re-painting our Rocky's wheels, after we got a suitable socket and Bar to get the wheels off we have the next tricky thing to get off is/are the Hub Covers, I wonder what tool do you use to get them off, I have been using a flat bladed screwdriver at the moment, which is obviously NOT VERY GOOD, it obviously needs a wide flat bladed tool with a right angle bend at the end of it, has anybody any suggestions what i can adapt for this job, please.



There is a proper tool in the Daihatsu plastic wallet toolkit to get the hub covers off without damage.If this is missing try using an old wide screw driver "bent at a right angle" (warm it up) or a bicycle tyre lever bent at a right angle (again warmed up) this is almost the same as whats in the Daihatsu original tool kit! Don.t try levering the plastic hub caps off without because the clips holding them on will snap off worse still the plastic hubcap will split open hope that helps regards Stan

thanks stan I get the idea no

thanks stan I get the idea now, our rocky is a 1990 model so the plastic wallet you speak of is long gone !!!!.

PS, what does the gadget look like, which i need to turn the Jack handle with, which is under the bonnet alongside the bonnet stay Unknw

We DO have the original bottle jack under the passenger seat LOL.



Hubcap remover looks like a childs pushbike tyre lever with the lip bent at a right angle then bent again.A small screwdriver bent at a right angle will do the same job for you. Understand your plastic wallet has long since gone.The gadget you need to turn the jack handle (under the bonnet) is in the middle of the wheelbrace "just a square slot" I suspect this has also well gone by now it was also in the plastic tool wallet.If your Daihatsu is a 1990 model your lucky the bottle jacks still there!regards Stan

Can you tap the cap off from

Can you tap the cap off from behind with a hammer and punch,scewdriver etc after removing the wheel?


Answer is no because you cannot get at the wheelnuts to undo them. The hubcap is in the way, & blocks access to the nuts there is no room for a wheelbrace unless you want to spit the cap its plastic regards Stan

we have painted the spare whe

we have painted the spare wheel, this weekend we shall put that on the motor and thewn paint the one we take off, LOL.