Are there any replacement panel filters for the YRV?


Im finding it really hard to find a drop in replacement air filter for my 01 YRV.

Anyone know what fits???


What sort of air filter are y

What sort of air filter are you after? Performance or standard. Standard filters are available from indpendent motor factors which are also likely to fit the Toyota Yaris, which has the same 1.0/1.3 engine. There may be a performance filter for the Yaris that will fit.

I was after a performance one

I was after a performance one that would give me better throttle response and possibly economy.

I have checked the Yaris/Echo specs and they seem to be distinctively different. ie, the K&N filter 332211 is for the Echo but its dimensions are smaller than my YRV filter.

My filter measures 320mm x130mm outer edge to edge.

The search is still on, i really dont mind what brand, just as long as it breaths better than the stock one.