Hi i have a fourtrak 2.8 tdx. i was checking the 4 wheel drive works ok and had all the wheels off the ground, put it in 4x4 and only the driver back wheel and passenger front wheel went round, the other two went round but no where near as fast. however when i reved the engine all four seemed to go at the same speed?!. i know it's not the hubs becuase i put new manual hubs on myself last week. i just want to know if this is normal or if something is going wrong.



It sounds perfectly ok to me.

It sounds perfectly ok to me. With open diffs, all the torque will go to the wheel with the least resistance. So, in 2wd, one rear wheel will spin like crazy, and the other wont move. In 4wd, its usually diagonally opposite wheels that spin when traction is lost. In your case, with all 4 wheels off the ground, it has probably picked the wheel with least bearing/brake resistance, and then spun the diagonally opposite one as well.
A common misconception is FOUR wheel drive. An old style four wheel drive with no cross axle diff locks or traction contril, ect, is at best 2wd, and a normal 2wd vehicle is at best 1 wheel drive. Its only when you start adding cross axle diff locks that you get 3 wheel drive, or true 4 wheel drive with both front and rear diffs locked.


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seems right

jacked up and the wheels with the least resistance, ie, brakes ,bearings, will rotate, she will will put the power through these. As Bundy says, 4 wheel drive is not 4 wheel drive, unless you have locked diff's of some description. As I learnt after getinging stranded in a gully on ice, a rude awakening, one wheel on the ice, the diagonal opposite up in the air, just like a beached whale.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX