Daihatsu Charade Gtti H reg (1990) Rev Counter Problem


hello there,
ive got a charade gtti 1990 H reg and its rev counter only jumps into action when the turbo cuts in ive tacken it to bits and powered it up using a signal generator and it still only works at certain stages on the sweep also cant find the data sheet for the chip on the back of it which is a (BA6730B) that would help me fix the problem

i cant find a second hand one anywhere so if you know any ideas on what i can do or where to find let me know


GTti Rev Counter

A very common problem that all GTti's have suffered at some time i'm sure!
Try re-soldering all the contacts to eliminate any dry joints. Read it on the Daihard forum i think? Mine went,TWICE, although i never tried to fix them due to finding one at a local Breakers and in a car got for spares.
I did price a new one at the Dealers @ £85, not sure if that was +vat.
Let me know how you get on and i will ask our local Jap parts breakers if they know of any GTti's anywhere.
Good luck,
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