Sportrak worn rings


I have a L reg Sportrak 1600 ELXi petrol with 100k on the clock. It is running very rough a little smoke from the exhaust, uses a fair bit of oil and smells of burning oil when hot. I've been told that the rings need replacing unless someone knows better, I will get a compresson test sorted. Can I drop the sump to get at them or does the engine need to come out. Many many years ago I have used rings slightly oversized for this purpose are they still available, if so where from. Are there any problems that I need to know about as the last car I did this on was a Cortina about 25 years ago. And lastly where can I get a manual.
Thanks Dave

Dave H

Manuals are avaliable here........

I've not poked that deep regards pistons on mine, but I don't see why not. Did it on a Marina once.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty