Fourtrak Rocky Brakes


Good evening, ive got a problem with my Rocky brakes where each time i brake the pedal becomes firmer and firmer until it cannot be depressed and the truck can hardly move! Previous owner said he had replaced the front pads, could this have anything to do with it? What should I look at to try and rectify this problem? I had thought about stripping the brake calipers and rebuilding but nopt sure if this would actually make any difference. Any help/tips appreciated, thanks.

It sounds to me like the cali

It sounds to me like the caliper pistons are not retracting back into their cylinders when you take your foot of the brakes. I reckon you should certainly give the calipers a good look at.

They are easy to work on..jack the car up..get the front wheels off and have an assistant depress the brake pedal...wheels should lock under braking...get assistant to release brake pedal...wheels should be free to rotate easily...if they dont suspect sticking pistons in calipers.

Sticky brakes

Hi Homer,

check your brake pedal isn't being held slightly down, either with a sticky pivot or the brake light switch pushed too far through.

Have a look at this link from a previous sticky brake problem.



Good advise but also look at the flexi hoses If someone has had a play before fitting new pads ect & used molegrips on the pipes/to remove the calipers or any other brake work.The brake fluid goes down the pipe under pressure "to the calipers" (then stays there) so the calipers remain on & so do the brakes because of the trapped pressure that cannot be released because of the restricted brake fluid flow regards Stan