Converting Fourtrak to hydraulic clutch operation ?


I'm disabled with left leg problems.
I can drive a manual gearbox but it causes pain and is therefore avoided if possible.
A previous message seemed to indicate that a fully auto gearbox Fourtrak wasn't ever made.
I have, however, got a brand new / unfitted auto clutch system I bought for my previous vehicle - a Land Rover Discovery.
Problem is that it's for a hydraulic operated clutch and obviously not suitable for a Fourtrak.
The auto clutch is a very expensive item - over £2000 installed and nearly £1000 the for kit alone so simply buying a cable version isn't an option.

A quick thought is the existing cable could be used to work a modified pedal box off another vehcile (I've got a Range Rover one spare) if the opinion is that it's not possible to adapt the the pedal end.
Aspect I'm having difficulty thinking about (I haven't yet bought a Fourtrak to "experiment" with - no point if I cann't drive one !) is converting the actual clutch operating arm.

Has anyone ever converted a Fourtrak to hydraulic clutch operation and can give advise Unknw


Paul Humphries.

Hi. Just thinking about it (

Just thinking about it (without mesuring up). I should think there is ample room to fit either a Rangi peddle box compleat, just a Rangi clutch, or a second Daihatsu break peddle.
For that matter, would you need to change the peddle? The existing clutch peddle only pulls a cable, why not a piston? Just needs holes drilled in the right places to line everything up.
I think it would be fairly straight forward, with some imagination.
I'd be more woried about the other end. I don't know how you box of tricks works. Asuming you still need the liquid link to the clutch plate (and can't use the cable), you will need to make up some sort of bracket to hold the slave cylinder to the bell housing / rear of the engine. There is plenty of space there, but mounting it could take a little thinking about.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.