Ebay sellers !


I've been stung sereval time with buying off eBay. Pictures and description make a vehicle seem perfect but it's almost as if it's something different when you go to collect Sad
I saw this Fourtrak -
that was close to me so I asked if I could view.
It took 4 messages to seller before they replied which should have made me wary in they didn't want anyone looking before buying.
Loads of faults but all correctable. Seller said it needed minor welding to sill for last MOT but that looked as if properly done years ago. I kept on looking (will need a lot of attention to floors in future are all showing signs of rot starting) and found pigeon shit type welding to nearside rear wheel arch to floor area.
Not a serious problem but I doubt it would pass as "MOT" standard and accepted it would need redoing properly before next test.
I told sellers mother (seller was at work) that I was just going to make a note of MOT test number so I could check against VOSA web site for what aspects needed attention for last test.
She then became very abusive and refused to let me note details.
Up to that point she seeemed a nice old woman (I won't say lady as she certainly isn't one) so it make me wonder what they are frightened of.
Anyway is anyone is interested in the vehicle I can say it isn't as good as the photos, needs TLC but is basically sound and probably worth around the asking price.
Only problem is there is no way I would buy from such a person as looking around their property the expression "horse trader" would seem to apply and suspect there might be protential troubles ahead (like no oil pressure light, ign light stays on, leaks everywhere, etc.

BTW before the outburst of the woman I'd decided to buy so their loss !

Paul Humphries.

Don't mention 'horse traders'

These thieving **** really get my oil pressure raised !

They're forever tapping on my door asking if the 4trak is for sale. I was working on one of them (gearbox out) and I had to put up a notice saying 'this vehicle is not for sale'. Did that stop them ... hell as like. When I mentioned the notice, the guy professed not to be able to read .... no doubt in the same way they can't read income tax returns, but magically become Oxford scholars when it comes to benefit claim forms.

OK, rant over. We've got to face it that these vehicles are getting a bit long in the tooth now. It's increasingly difficult to find a reasonable example, so there are going to be more problems with vehicles up for sale. I'm coming to the conclusion that it's better to pay a little over the odds for a late vehicle and to ignore all the other stuff entirely.

As for Ebay in general, I have found that amongst all the rubbish there are only a few rare bargains, most of the other stuff is crap which has faults, usually fundamental, which need time and expertise to fix. The cost of the fix is usually greater than purchasing the equivalent article in fully functional condition. As an example, an amateur radio friend bought a transmitter and other bits of kit to start his station. The transmitter had a subtle fault where it went into auto shut down when it was irradiated by the electric field from the transmitting antenna ... great working into a dummy load, but f. all use when being used for the purpose it was intended, like connecting to an antenna and squirting a signal out.

Since designing similar stuff was my profession, I should be able to find and fix the fault, but I full well know that I could spend a week and still not find it. Let's say that I politely had to decline to offer to fix the kit, because

a) the technical challenge is pretty small.
b) the frustration is huge.
c) the cost for my time, even for a friend, would be more than the kit is worth.

EBay/Reply Use Your Loaf

As with most things in life if something is cheap then there is usually a very good reason.First thing to do with anything for sale that interests you on ebay is "check the sellers feedback"If its bad then draw your own conclusions its not rocket science a case of "Buyer Beware" (EVEN MORE SO WITH ANYTHING INVOLVING BUYING OF A MOTOR VEHICLE" If in doubt just walk away & don,t even get into falling out its there loss not yours.For the record we have bought some cracking stuff off ebay & saved a fortune so its not all bad news there are bargains just be careful & also watch the sellers postage charges regards Stan

I spent 25 years having peopl

I spent 25 years having people shout abuse at me so don't react and the outburst from the sellers mother was responded with "thank you for letting me view". Me being polite seemd to annoy her more which is more satifying then getting in a slanging match.

I'm comming to the conclusion that eBay is a place where, especially at lower end of price range (sub £1000), sellers dump vehicles that they'd struggle to sell by normal (advert in Autotrader, local newspapers etc) methods.
Over the last few days I've looked at 4 vehicles that seemed fine in the photo's and descriptions only for find the were completely different in the "flesh".
In fact over the years I've bought 9 vehicles and have been sold, whether on purpose or accident, 6 which I was disappointed on collection. Out of the rest 2 were for spares / breaking so expected poor condition leaving only one which I reckon I'd got a good purchase.
Now I'm reluctant to buy without first viewing and if possible advise anyone else to to the same.
I don't expect vehicle to be perfect at the price and age I'm looking but on the other hand there are a lot of people who are being mislead by the "quick buck" type of eBay sellers.

Paul Humphries.


Paul,try upping your budget these old Fourtraks are well past their sell by date & are fraught with problems when used on the road.There are loads of well looked after later Fourtrak Independents for sale & much better value in the long run good luck what ever you choose to buy regards Stan

Actually I've just bought an

Actually I've just bought an early Fourtrak off eBay
for what I consider scrap price - £175.
I expect it to be terrible and suitable for parts only but seeing I'd pay more then that for an engine then I'm not too worried.
I've an old CJ-5 Jeep that I intend restoring. If I could find a nice Fourtrak then I was considering giving up on the Jeep and concentrating on the Daihatsu instead.
The idea now is I've at least three option with the £175 vehicle.
Angel Possibly rebuild if not too bad but I suspect the body is basically scrap.
(b) Fit Jeep body to Daihatsu chassis (if good) and running gear.
(c) Use Daihatsu engine and gearbox in the Jeep chassis.

For such small outlay even if as bad as I expect then having a pile of spare would be useful if I then end up having to keep on looking for something better condition.

I've other vehicles (Chrysler Neon and Aixam) for everyday use and have in the past always bought Land Rovers (2 x Series IIa, 2 x Range Rover V8, Discovery and Defender TDi) but am fed up with high purchase price compared to speed they fall aparts so fancy a change. Any 4x4 won't be used every day but for towing and gentle green laning / fundays do you can appreciate I don't really want to spend a lot of money - which is probably necessary to get a good all round Fourtrak.

Paul Humphries.