HiJet 1300 EFI Wheel size, offsets and alloys


Does anyone have any information on possible wheel replacements for a HiJet. I'd like to put something a little larger and wider on, but am not sure of the offset and PCD.

Has anyone replaced the wheels or know what size can be put on?

Many thanks

hi simon. ive found out tha

hi simon. ive found out that the PCD is 4 X 110 which leaves you with extrememly limited options, ie you wont find another car brand, not EVEN in the daihatsu range that has the same PCD, not one!!!

i have a set of 16 inch multi fit alloys that are a 108 and a 112 pcd and with wobbly bolts should just fit. the next issue then is back spacing and arch size. on the rear theres about 170mm and the front is 150 at a squeeze.

hope this helps you in some way

Hijet alloys

just found your posting on the daihatsu forum and wondered if you had any luck in finding alloys for your van. i've been looking for a while now, but have finally found some here:

http://www.tyresave.co.uk/alloyskn.html (it's the 13" aztec ones at the top of the page).

i've spoken to the company on the phone and they assure me they will fit on a hijet - although i've yet to buy any to confirm this myself.

have you found any other places?