fourtrak died


hi there my fourtrak and i went offroading yesterday and we went for a swim,after getting stuck in the water over the bonnet,we had to be pulled out,she started again and drove for about a mile and then stopped,water had got in the fuel tank.i drained the tank only to find she wont start again,the glowplug solenoid keeps making a noise and the fuel drain light is on,the battery charge light is on,she does turn over though but would really like to get it running again as its awesome offroad.any help would be appreciated many thanks

Dead Fourtrak

Fit a new fuel filter and bleed the system.


First undo an injector & turn the engine over & look for signs of water ingestion from the engine to see if its sucked water in via the air filter its unlikely but check it anyway.If water is present undo all injectors & crank over till all signs of water are blown out then refit the inectors.Fit a new diesel filter, bleed the system making sure the fuel tank is clean & clear of all water or you will be back to square one engines don't like water in the fuel good luck regards Stan

i have removed the pipes to t

i have removed the pipes to the injectors and have turned it over and there is water comming threw i have been turning it over for half an hour and still water is there any other way as my starter is getting very hot

Ok, Believe me, if that was w

Ok, Believe me, if that was water being injected, then your motor would be stuffed. It takes very little water to hydraulic a diesel engine.
All the engine lights on indicates a problem with the alternator maybe. All the lights usually come on for a few seconds when the alternator is turning underwater. Change the fuel filter, Blow compressed air backwards through the fuel line without the end connected to the tank, This will clear any water in the line. Try connecting a jerry can of fuel via gravity feed directly to the fuel pump, bypassing the filter. See if it runs then.


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