Had my Sportrak for 1 hour... then she died!


Hi all,

Bought my first 4x4 today, a 1991 Sportrak ELXi 16v... was chuffed to bits with her driving back home down the A1/M at a steady 70mph - engine running quiet and as sweet as a nut, but then after about 70 miles she started to misfire, the oil pressure light came on and the engine suddenly tightened, so I dipped the clutch and pulled straight over onto the hard-shoulder.
Let the engine cool for a little while, then started her up... seemed fine until I revved to about 2000 rpm the engine made a nasty rattling/knocking sound!!!
Called the RAC, and the guy rekkoned the big-end has gone due to "ancient" oil, so he towed me home the last 20 or so miles.
Now I'm really gutted, I don't suppose there's an easy fix?
Would it be best/more cost effective to get the engine sorted, or buy a re-conditioned one?
Any help much appreciated... I'm totally devestated!!!



Can you tell the origin of the knocking? From which part of the engine does it locate. Is it from the top or bottom of the engine. You can often locate the spot by using a tube or bar. Put one end to the engine and the other to your ear ... take care to avoid moving parts etc.
Is the knock in beat with the engine revs. Is it constant or intermittant. Is it high pitched, a rattle or a dull thud?
What do you mean by 'engine tightened'?

OK... removed the sump today

OK... removed the sump today and found that all 4 sets of shells are shot due to the internal filter being completely blocked with crud, hence not enough oil flowing through the crank!
Managed to clean the crank shaft up as the metal deposits from the shells basically peeled away, then gave them a buff up with some really fine emery.
Ordered some new shells at about £30.00 which should arrive tommorrow, and obviously getting some new oil & filter etc, so hopefully she will be up and running again very soon


Glad to hear things may not b

Glad to hear things may not be as bad as you first thought...was it a private sale or dealer...if a dealer you should be able to make some kind of claim.

I have a 1990 for spares/ rep

I have a 1990 for spares/ repair, engine and box sweet, she's lacking in suspension and the such, check out my add in classifieds. Smile


Fitted new shells, and now she runs a treat!