Fourtrak body repair panel


Is there anybody manufacturing body repair panels for the Fourtrak of is it a case of main agent only Unknw
The "heap" I've just bought might be repairable but there is no way I could live with the bodges, albeit strong and MOTable.
My hobby is restoration and I can only weld / metalwork to that standard.
If presented with a previously unwelded, but rotten vehicle I'd be happier then one which someone has plated all over in the past.
To cut out and start again is going to be difficult without the original panels as patterns hence easier to replace them whole.

The car is parked a short way from home at a friends field as I need to move things around (5 cars already in drive !) at home before bringing it back there.
I hope is stays dry today so I can go up and have a good look as I bought it "sight unseen" bascially as a parts donor for my CJ-5 Jeep but it might be too good for that fate Smile

Paul Humphries.