Gearbox noise


Due to an attack of laziness I let a fast fit place do the clutch on my Sportrak.
Less than 50 miles later I appear to have a scrap gearbox.

Theres a noise from the final drive somewhere.

The only chance I've had to diagnose gave me time to remove the rear propshaft with the vehicle on four axle stands so I could turn things freely by hand.
The Diff is reasonably quiet but turning the propshaft by hand gives a grinding noise with intermittent resistance which leads me to believe at least one bearing has failed in the gearbox.

Is there a chance of damaging the bearings by incorrect handling of the rear prop Unknw
I was wondering if you were to drop the Prop and leave it unsupported would it damage anything.

Next question is it easier to change the whole gearbox or can the final drive/transfer box be removed separately Unknw

Another explanation is the nice AT tyres coupled a now fully functioning clutch that doesnt slip have broken the weakest link in the drive train.
I did take it down a muddy track and used 4L with a bit of welly to check the clutch was working ok.

Gearbox noise

Well, seeing as I have the workshop manual and a spare gearbox I've decided to pull out the noisy one and swap for a known good one.

One thing that interested me was the differing gearbox types for the Sportrak mentioned on the CD.

The "Blue" 'box is listed as part time 4wd but the "White" 'box is full time 4wd.

Was this white box an order option for the Sporty?
Is it any better off road Unknw

The White box is for markets

The White box is for markets other than the UK/Europe.

Out of interest, how much did they charge?

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Clutch swap was 250 inc, and

Clutch swap was 250 inc, and there was a 50 pound charge to skim the flywheel.

Took them two days and I just about managed to earn that much in two days. Gearbox swap looks easy enough to do now that I have a transmission jack.

Its probably more than I should spend on a '91 sporty thats got 140,000 miles on it but its refreshingly different to drive and not too bad in the mud from the minimal experience I have had with it.

Looking forward to towing my first Landy out of the mud

Well it wasnt as easy as I expected

Well it wasnt as easy as I expected to swap a Sportrak gearbox.
In fact its a %&*%$*() of a job to do on your own.

It looks like the clutch experts allowed the transfer box to drain when they pulled the rear prop and only tried to refill the gearbox.

So much for taking the easy option of getting somebody else to do the job Sad

take it back

Surely you could have taken it back and go some cash out em?





Yep I would presume you have

Yep I would presume you have a case there. Your car was left under their care and is now damaged due to negligence, the trick is proving it. Seek help at your local trading standards or citizens advice bureau to help get some recompense out of the cowboy twats.
The very best of luck.


Shes Back!

Finally found time to finish the gearbox swap and she runs nicely.
Next hurdle is the MOT then she is going to get properly muddy in Wales.

The other bonus is I can now move her to to charge the battery on my Porsch 924/V8 which is in the garage Smile