fuses on 93 fourtrax


Can any body give me some advice please. i have a 93 fourtrax and my offside rear lights have failed. I have checked all the fuses and bulbs and cannnot find the cause so if anyone can help i would be very grateful.

If the fuses and bulbs are ok

If the fuses and bulbs are ok then you may have damage to the wiring loom that runs to the rear of the vehicle.
Sometimes the clips that secure the loom to the underside fail cos of rust and the loom can chaff...check its all ok.

Its odd only one side has failed....use a meter to check voltage is getting to the light cluster.

re fuses on 93 fourtrax

Thanks for the info mike there is power getting to the rear light cluster.I've checked the wiring and it looks ok


just a thought chris have you checked the earth wire from the bulb holder is getting a good contact? i had a similar problem with mine and had to solder a clean piece of wire onto a clean part of the bulb holder