faulse fuel gauge reading


hi, i've just bought a 94 fourtrak and can't get a true reading from the fuel gauge. when i picked the jeep up the reading was empty, so i filled it sraight away. after 35L it over flowed and was full to the brim, which was odd because i beleive they should hold about 60L? at that point the reading was 3/4 full dispite being able to see the fuel at it's fullest point. now i've done 220 miles and there's only 1/4 of a tank left acording to the fuel gauge.

1st, how many litres does a fourtrak hold

2nd, what do they do mpg

3rd, could the problem be a bad earth.

4th, if it is a bad earth where would i find the problem.


Fuel gauges work on a low resistence of a copper coil. The unit is inside the fuel tank. I suspect you will need to drop the tank and withdraw/renew the sender unit.
If you can find the cables to the tank you could short them together to see if the fuel gauge gives a full reading. If so, then suspect a fault in the sender unit.


thanks Mace. i'll get onto that as soon as i've done the brakes and serviced the jeep. just looked at the gauge, still on empty but now done 300 miles. i'm going to run the jeep till it's out of fuel to see what i'm getting out of each tank. i'd like 400 mile but we'll see. i had a trooper last and i was getting between 450-500 per tank which was great as i do 500 mile per week.