land rover leafs for fourtrak/leaf over axle conversion


hi am considering putting some land rover series leaf springs on my fourtrak front,i have looked at it and it looks like it will fit.any-one done anything like this or know of some-one who has.any info would be appreciated.also considering doing the leaf over axle if any-one has any info on that i would appreciate it.

Just make sure you inform you

Just make sure you inform your insurance company as "forgetting" will almost certainly get you into trouble in the event of an accident.

Why Land Rover springs Unknw The other day I was tying out my newly aquired Fourtrak against a friends recently 100% rebuilt (on new chassis) Lightweight with parabollic springs and expensive shocks.
Even my mate agreed the Daihatsu rode better over rough ground.

Paul Humphries

i only use the vehicle purely

i only use the vehicle purely offroad and it is for the ground clearance as the springs are bowed more and stronger