Couple of bits to do, any help appreciated...


Just finished renewing the shells on the bottom end of the engine on my Sportrak, but now I have a couple more things to sort out...
Firstly the middle spring leaf on the rear driver side is broken - could I get away with welding this back together, or are these available to buy seperate?
Secondly I need to weld plates on each rear seatbelt anchor points
Thirdly when I drive the car on full L/H lock, or even part lock, there's a loud "snapping" noise from the front R/H wheel... would this be a C/V joint, and would this fail an MOT?
Any help much appreciated as I have 7 days left before the MOT is due for renewal.
By the way, it's a 1991 Sportrak ELXi.


Spring will fail assuming its

Spring will fail assuming its noticed. You cant weld because the metal will become too brittle ... it needs correct tempering. Use yellow pages and buy a replacement. There are many replacement 'spring suppliers' cheaper than diahatsu. Your problem could be removing the bolts!
Seatbelt points .. weld plates.
L/H lock .......CV usually 'crack'. Jack it up and first look at the ball joints, check wheel for bearing play, and check steering linkages. If nothing found then c/v probably need replacing.
C/V on MOT ... depends how bad and how noisy. Testers dont drive the car but they do shake the drive shafts.

If you intend changing the sp

If you intend changing the spring its advisable to do both sides...I would never just change one spring...could make the vehicle sit at an angle and affect handling.

Thanks guy's, I have found

Thanks guy's,

I have found a company that sells a new complete pair of leaf springs for £175 including VAT & delivery, so I'd better soak the bolts with penetrating oil well in advance!
Might risk the c/v joint, but will deffo plate the other bits.

Don't bother trying to weld t

Don't bother trying to weld the springs (I lecture in metallogy) you are wasting your time and the result would be very dangerous!
Fairy new to sportrak but i'll have a look at the seat belt anchors and advise on welding if you wish. feel free to contact me direct if poss send a picture of the condition of the mounts.

Hi Dave, was just going to we

Hi Dave, was just going to weld the leaf as a temporary measure and possibly get it through the test - will definatly be getting new springs asap.
As for the welding of the belt anchors, no worries there mate as I run my own welding company ...