2.8 Fourtrak Injection Pump Help Needed!


Hi All I have a Landrover 110 with a 2.8 foutrak engine in (plastic cam belt cover) I had a problem the other day & the metal heater tube made contact with #4 glow plug & has arc'd out? the beast won't start now & I have had most thing's to bits & I have ordered more glow plugs off ebay just in case (I also need to order a relay as a belts & braces approach) but for the life of me I cant seem to get any fuel through to #1 injector or any of the others?

I have fuel through to the input side of the pump & through to the return I also have had fuel out of the cover plate at the bottom & from the bolt which you remove to set the timing with the dial gauge! but I cant get the jeffin thing started!!

I have tried the method for timing but there are 2 marks on the bottom pulley & I have tried both & turning the pulley in both directions arghhhhh!

Help!!!!!! please

Any suggestions gratefully accepted!

Strange you have fuel going t

Strange you have fuel going through the pump but not exiting through the injectors.
Have you had problems with the injector pump before Unknw
If it turns out the pump has a fault let me know as I have a pump in perfect working order sitting in the garage.

Do you have a manual....this would help you set the timing properly.

Injection Pump

Hi thanks for the reply! what I have done recently is to fit an intercooler, after I fitted this I played around with the full load screw (completed in afternoon but I did not re-start to test fuel supply)which enabled the beast to perform a lot better I then tried it the next day after fitting the metal heater pipe & no joy!

I have read somewhere about the full load screw that if I take it too far then it has an effect on the fuel supply for cold starting? any info gratefully accepted.

If you can give me a qoute for the pump it will be seriously thought about & I have the pdf manual for the fourtrak which I downloaded for free off the warfs site which is another great site! but I will try the glow plugs & new relay & then if that fails I will whip the covers & pump off & start from scratch!!!!!!!!!!


fuel not coming out of pump to injectors

On the back of the pump there is a valve that cuts the fuel of to the injectors when u turn the engine off if this got damaged when u arced
the metal heater tube with the glow plug this could be the problem.
!hope this help,s u!

shut off solenoid

Hi thanks for the reply, I have taken the plunger out of the shut off valve as I thought that could have been the root cause but nope it still wont bleed.