Soft top sporty


Gaday all need some help!!! just got new soft top for sportrak 93 and have no fiting instuctions can any 1 help befor the sun go's bye bye!!!


Daihatsu!! can you help??

Have you ever removed the res

Have you ever removed the resin top?? (Makes it easier if you have.)
If you havent then grab some help, its easier with 2!!

Remove the rear window, keep that safe then refit the screws.
Undo all the bolts around the inside edges of the resin top & keep them safe, pop the roof off. (start from inside the rear door and lift straight up, then do the front). Lift roof clear and put into a safe place.

Have a look around the now exposed bodywork, and look for threaded holes. They are the places to put the pop bolts. Give them a spray of wd40 or similar, before you screw them in.

Offer up the soft top to the rear section, then use the large bolts you removed through the corresponding holes in the frame. Screw them in by hand, then put the poppers into their holes. Then once thats done, fit the top to them. Take your time when doing this as it`ll be taught, as it will have shrunk a little (sunshine will solve this!!).

If you then fit the rear window poppers, you may need to remove the rear wheel, as this will give better access. Reason why i say to do the window last, is that by the time you come to zip it all together, the soft top should have warmed up and will stretch easier. Saves the stitches and stops the window scratching.

Tighten all main bolts, once thats done fit the bolts into unoccupied holes for safekeeping.

Your done.

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