Manual free wheel hubs... ...AGAIN!!


Hi troops,
I have recently acquired a G plate short wheelbase fourtrack with manual free wheeling hubs for a bit of fun.
The problem i have is this:
Last night whilst out tackling a wee bit of muddy terrain i had the 4trac in 4L with the hubs engaged, there was a pop and the front wheels stopped driving. Cray 2
after recovering the vehicle to my garage and doing all the checks to determine what went wrong i have found thet it is the o/s free wheeling hub. The selector on that side was always a little stiff and now the selector turns (still stiffly) through 360 degrees. Scratch one-s head
my question is, can i remove the gubbins from the inside of the free wheel and simply weld it up?
im not bothered about the increaced fuel consumption or any tyre wear, i am more conserned about mechanical reasons.
if this is possable, how do i go about it and which parts do i weld.



Took it all to bits last night to see what was going on in there.
on inspection i found that at some point it had been got at! The small, what looks like stainless, ring with the lugs on it was pretty badly bent with the lugs out of shape.
after a wee bit of attention with a hammer some PX24 and a dod of grease, my hubs are fully functioning again.

MUD! Woo Hoo!!