Is there anywhere that sells cylinder blocks??


Help Hi just wondering if there is anyone out there who might know of a company / individual that would be able to sell a cylinder block.


This is a worst case scenario, as my block was on my engine stand. The top bolts pulled through, which snapped the bottom two. And this caused the block to fall onto a ratchet on the floor, taking a small V out of the cast aluminium. Its not gone into the cylinder sleeve, but am a tad concerned if not a bit peeved.

If anyone knows of one in really good condition, or knows where i could get one please let me know.
Or if anyone has some advice it would be greatly received.

Have you taken the damaged bl

Have you taken the damaged block to have it assessed. It might be savable with the nick being welded and then everything being reground true.
Obviously a new block is probably only going to be avaliable from Daihatsu and would cost a fortune.
You might find a big engine reconditioner who has a surcharge, if they supply a short engine (rebored / crank grind etc) for your old unit, but if your "core unit" is damaged then you'd forfeit this and again it's going to work out expensive.
I'd say the cheapest option is simply buy a complete secondhand engine either in guaranteed GWO and ready to fit into vehicle or cheap enough to dismantle and just use the block.

Paul Humphries.

Agree with Paul H you would p

Agree with Paul H you would probably be best getting hold of an entire HD engine, Sportrak or Applause will do, they share the same core components. Either use the new engine complete if it's good or strip it for the block and keep or sell on other spare bits.
Try some of the parts suppliers liked to Autotrader - Breakerlink and Parts Gateway usually turn up something.
Last time I was looking a 2nd hand HD-E complete was around £400 to £450.
Good luck,


If you're interested I am put

If you're interested I am putting a 2.8diesel into my 1995 sportrak and am looking to sell the petrol engine. I don't know the condition of the petrol engine because I bought it as a non runner with an electrical problem, but if its just the block that you need it would probably do. PM me if youre interested and I'll think of a price.