2005> Sirion Audio


Hello peeps!

I'm looking into the possibility of getting a new shape Sirion. I have driven it, loved it, but the stereo is awful. Can the headunit be upgraded? It looks pretty secured onto the dash, with the controls for fan etc...is there anyway of changing it???



I too am still thinking about

I too am still thinking about one of the 1.3s Sirions, but the two I have driven (1.0 and 1.3) have both had good stereos - was it just the one you drove, or is it normal that the stereos are poor?

same problem but you can sort it out

like 3 weeks ago i surfing on the net and i ended up in the image part of google. what i found out is an image of a sirion dash with a perfect fitted stereo but i don't know what make. it really fits nice, if you find the model pls write down the model pls as i'm in the same sitution and i'm thinking of changing the audio system cause it sucks. thanks