Sportrak Alarm/Immobiliser Remote


A couple of weeks ago, I broke the 2 button remote for the alarm/immobiliser.

The system was fitted by a Daihatsu dealer, its made by a company called Getronic.

I tried a local Daihatsu dealer, but they could only recommend a universal remote, which needs a working remote to program it.

Unfortunatley, one of the components on the circuit board has broken.

Does anybody know if it is still possible to get the remote?

Gentronic are more commonly k

Gentronic are more commonly known as GT Alarms. The official contact for them in the UK is :-

Car accessories uk LTD
7 Lysander close
CV35 9TD
Phone: +445600748598

Hopefully they may be able to help you. I am sure they could get a keyfob as long as can get a number of the alarm unit or fob.
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Universal remote

I ended up buying a universal remote off Ebay for £12.

GT were talking around £50+ for a new remote.

It just means that I will have to go through the frequencies manualy when I first use it.

Unfortunatley, all the others needed a working remote to take the signal from.

Hopefully it should work, and if it doesn't, then at least I didn't pay much for it.

Thanks for the help.

Universal Remote

hi did the universal remote work for you as i have just bought a sportrak and the seller did nothave the immobiliser remote.

If it worked what is the make of it?


I'm afraid it didn't work. In the end I had a new alarm system fitted by a mate of mine.