1994 Hijet Pickup Exhaust


Hello folks. New member, and my first post.
I have an 'M' reg Hijet Pickup with a blown exhaust. I have been around all the local tyre and exhaust places, only to be told they cannot get one. I have contacted a couple of local Daihatsu dealers, only to be quoted over £200.00 and 4-6 weeks delivery.
Anybody had the same problem?
It is the 993cc 3cylinder engine, with no catalytic converter.
It may be a case of finding a local exhaust fabricator, as it may work out cheaper and quicker.

Any advice would be most welcome

1994 Hijet Pickup Exhaust

Try these guys out - www.buypartsby.co.uk

They list 1.ltr Pick up part DU62x @£48.47 + vat.
Great for Mail order parts.
Once had same problem with my 1.3 van and after enquiries would have been cheaper and easier to get it done in Stainless Steel. Luckily i found an almost new one at a local Breakers.
Hope it helps,

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1994 Hijet Pickup Exhaust

Hi my exhaust is rotten on my Daihatsu 1300 Hijet petrol van and I too have had probs with getting a replacement - I can only obtain one through Daihatsu and the dealers have quoted me £250 - £279 to replace mine - but they can't seem to get hold of one!
As my van is only six years old - they are hard to find at the scrappers. I have posted a "wanted" notice in E-Bay on the off chance but - I am seriously considering getting a stainless exhaust built by "Longlife" as the quote was £249.00 to custom build and fit! Would sort the problem out for ever though and may even be the breakthrough in reducing overheating probs as they apparantly allow the engines to breathe better!!!
(This exhaust quote did not include a new Cat, this is separate - to supply and fit for my van was an additional £199.00)

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