how can i turn the jack handle on my Rocky


Hi all, our Rocky is a pretty Old H reg and still going strong (touch wood), LOL.

i have found the Bottle Jack under the Passenger seat, no other tools there, I have also found the Jack Handle under the bonnet (alongside the Bonnet stay), but i would like to know what the official tool looks like (or is) to enable me to turn the jack handle to raise the Jack ?.

there is a Square end on the Jack Handle possibly about Half an Inch square, is this correct or is there something else like a T bar that has broken off, thanks for any help !.


wheel brace

on my fourtrak they is a square hole in the handle of the wheel brace which slots onto the end of the jack handle, so it can be turned. on older models there used to be a seperate handle to slot onto the jack handle to turn the jack. hope this helps


On mine, the handle is made o

On mine, the handle is made of 2 pieces of pressed steel, spot welded together, with the centre section raised, ie spread apart. This is where the square hole is for the end of the jack handle. One end then has a piece of steel rod coming out, to act as a handle for turning.
This, as well as the wheel spanner, and the centre hub cap remover, normally lives in the soft cased factory tool kit, which lives in the holder between the passenger seat, and the transmission hump.


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thanks for all your assistanc

thanks for all your assistance, but i have just realised i havent looked at the Jack yet, so i dont really know yet which end of the jack handle is used in the jack and which end is used for turning it !!!!, isnt that pretty dumb eh.


as above

mine was like Maverick..